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  1. What's this?

    Automated App Zone is a simple website powered by Webs. This site is a place for me to gather and upload whatever automator workflows or scripts I create, wether to make your life easier or amuse yourself.

  2. What's the forum for?

    The forum is a place for discussion about programming and for bug reporting for any of my apps. Users can also upload their own apps and advertise them on the forum for the public to download. If you have trouble with your program you could also ask the other users for help. Forum moderators are nice people.

  3. Who the heck are you?

    I'm Terrence. I go under nicknames like Blocker226, Bulletstrike70 and Tpilot395. I develop apps and scripts in my free time. I have experience in Objective-C, Applescript, Javascript, and Java.

    Find me on steam: BulletStrike70

    Games I play include Team Fortress 2, FTL:Faster Than Light, Minecraft, Kerbal Space Program, Star Conflict, Counter Strike: Global Offensive and lots more.

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  1. What's Automator?

    Automator is a simple workflow utility developed by Apple Inc. This lets users create simple workflows to help them do certain tasks without requiring extensive programming knowledge. Workflows are created through drag-and-drop, and allow basic functionality such as opening applications or moving files.

  2. What's an Applescript?

    Applescript is another simple programming language that was developed by Apple Inc to make beginner programmer's lives easier. Like Automator, the simple and easy to understand language requires little experience to understand. The possibilities are also expanded, which includes playing sounds, detecting certain words typed in, displaying custom dialog boxes with icons, and even mimicking keystrokes.

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